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Are you feeling overwhelmed from trying to do everything yourself?

Do you ever feel like you’re ‘out of flow’ and running around in circles trying to manage the day to day momentum of your business? We know exactly how that feels, and the stress that can come with being a leader. That’s why we offer virtual project management services – to help you stay in flow and supercharge your company’s growth.

By working with our project management team, you get the skills of an experienced Chief Officer without the fancy title and six figure salary that comes with it. So what is our virtual service? Long story short, you get access to our high performing team. On demand, when you need it – for less than the cost of a full time employee.

Skilled support where you need it

Whether you’re after marketing services, support with finances, HR and operational assistance or board level advisory, we have more than a dozen experts located throughout the world that are here to help you succeed.

We focus on the following core areas, but can also provide support with most of the other aspects of operating and growing your business:

Human Relations

Assistance with change management, workforce restructures, improving team performance and transforming company culture.

Marketing & Digital Growth

Creating a tailored marketing strategy and bringing your growth plans to life.

CFO Responsibilities & Finance Management

Your go-to for administration & bookkeeping services, cashflow control and debt management.

Operational (COO) Support

Assisting owners with operations, systems and processes, streamlining business efficiency and improving productivity for a better bottom line.

Board Level Leadership & Advisory

Helping with strategic planning & governance to plan for the bigger picture and ensure accountability

The Ultimate Solution

for your business needs. Our virtual services division was created to solve a problem that Paulina faced during the early days of the business. She was coaching entrepreneurs to succeed by helping them to formulate and implement their plans. But when it came time to execute on operational tasks like building out a marketing funnel, our clients often used contractors that didn’t always live up to expectations.

Rather than leaving it to chance, we assembled a talented team to provide support in the key areas of growing a business. While this service was initially set up to support the needs of our business consultancy clients, our virtual team is now available for your company, too.

I am very grateful for all the content and expertise that Paulina shared with us about community building and customer pathway. Paulina is definitively an expert in this field and is great at bringing the theory into the reality. Thanks Paulina!

Simona Fornarino

Paulina has been a huge part of my experience – giving great feedback in the Q&A sessions and going the extra mile with me when I was struggling to find clarity. Her energy and willingness to put herself into other people’s space to help them grow is infectious and I’m super grateful for it!

Christen Killick

Is it time to level up your team?

Growing a business takes guts. You need to be bold enough to commit and resilient enough to persevere through the challenges. But many entrepreneurs forget to bring in the right help when they need it. And while it can be difficult to see the opportunities when you’re deep in the details of running your company, stepping back is sometimes the best way to move forward. If you’re needing a fresh perspective on your business, a clear action plan and the man (or woman) power to tackle the next project, then we might be a good fit for working together.

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