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Public Speaking

Finding the right speaker for your audience is often the difference between a good event and a spectacular experience.

Think back to the last public speaker you remember listening to – what made them unique, and why do you still remember their speech today? Was it the language they used, or the lessons you learned? Perhaps they had a way with words that left you wanting more? Or maybe they lived through an extraordinary event that helped them to grow as a person.

As humans, we are hardwired to love a good story, and that’s where Paulina’s talent shines. Paulina is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who will challenge your team to think and work differently. Over the last few decades, she has started, managed and sold more than a dozen companies in a wide range of industries (with a focus on hospitality businesses).

Entrepreneurship backed by experience

Paulina’s practical on-the-ground experience makes her relevant and relatable to staff, business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Alongside growing her own companies, she also mentors entrepreneurs throughout the world, which provides her with a unique perspective into the life of a business owner.

Her skills in business are wide ranging, with a particular focus towards creating strategies in the areas of vision, team development, financial management and profitability.

Where Passion Meets Purpose

As a certified facilitator for the Genius Group, Paulina is regularly invited to mentor at business retreats with her keynote on ‘Team Performance and Productivity’, which is usually supplemented by a workshop to help students bring their strategies to life.

Paulina has a big heart and an even bigger vision – to improve communities, one business result at a time as part of her contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No.8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Through her support of this initiative and the B1G1 ‘Business for Good’ charitable giving programme, Paulina is committed to using her time and resources to help make the world a better place.


A Keynote Worthy Journey

Over the last few years, Paulina has transformed her life from one of nonstop work, to having the freedom to travel the world whilst running multiple businesses. She shares this story in her keynote ‘How connecting to flow impacts you and your community – going from 100 hours to one day per week.’

I love Paulina’s grounded energy. She was my facilitator at Ilab and she was an amazing support to overcome my limited thinking on what can be achieved at the right time with the right plan. When she visited Spain for her “El Camino” trip, she spoke at our Barcelona Entrepreneur Social and she was an amazing speaker. People was very inspired by her message and the way she was able to transform her business in such a short period of time. Can’t wait to work with Paulina in other projects in the near future.

Moni Rodriguez

Moni Rodriguez

Author, International Speaker and founder of Leading Heart

Paulina is a is like a firecracker when it comes to leading and facilitating business leaders, one spark and POW amazing things happen. Paulina facilitated my iLab sessions and I love her approach. She is fun to work with and commanded presence as she guided us through examples and her personal experiences and business successes. There is no doubt in my mind that her input directed my focus and enabled me to create a better promotion plan then I would have created on my own. She has wisdom and insight beyond her years.

Brett Gordon

Founder of Businesses Are People Too

Let’s make it happen!

Paulina’s story is one of empowerment, purpose and growth. If you’re looking for an experienced business consultant to inspire your audience, then let’s connect to discuss the details of your upcoming event.

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