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The top performers in almost every walk of life have expert support at hand to help empower their success.

Professional sports players have a team of coaches, politicians are guided by advisors, musicians are looked after by managers and actors have agents. But as business owners, we often forget that we don’t know all of the answers, and that it’s okay to ask for help. As a consultant and business coach, Paulina and her team can assist you in applying the best strategies to generate the results you’re after.

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Perhaps you’re looking for a fresh perspective? Maybe you’re facing challenges due to rapid growth or lack thereof? Or it could be that you’re simply looking for someone to support you in making those tough decisions?

Whether business is booming and you’re looking to scale, or you’re struggling to make ends meet, Paulina and her team can help you to gain clarity to take the right actions, today. By tapping into her intuitive sense of timing, Paulina will help you to apply the best strategies to optimize, simplify and grow your business.

Company wide support for all levels of expertise

Paulina takes a hands-on approach to mentorship, and provides the support that you need – when you need it. The key areas that she covers through her consultancy services are:


Setting SMART goals and putting quarterly plans in place to generate results.


Helping you to scale your workforce (through both employment and restructuring).


Investigating the financial viability of your business and crunching the numbers to find better ways of operating

Systems & Processes

Developing sustainable systems and processes to work more efficiently.


Identifying your audience, refining your marketing strategy, outlining the key content pillars and selecting the platforms that are best suited to your business.

All of these areas are critical to running a successful company, and you can expect fantastic results when they function together as part of a cohesive strategy.

Our Strategy For Success

Our business consultancy service begins with the end in mind, to ensure that any actions we take are making meaningful progress towards achieving your goals. Once we have a vision for where you want to be in 12 months, we then take a closer look at your team, finances, systems & processes and marketing to plan out the next steps.

With this knowledge at hand, we bring it all together into a 12 week plan for the next quarter that provides clear weekly priorities, milestones and simple metrics to assess your progress.

From here, you will meet with Paulina once each week to review your plan and make any necessary changes to ensure that you’re on track towards achieving your goals. Each month, we focus on a different theme within your business, and Paulina is available for support four days each week as and when you need it.

Endorsed by high-performing clients

Our clients often remark that Paulina is dynamic and hands on, and isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves to generate results.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Paulina, from our mentoring calls to our 12 day adventure in China and Japan. She’s a rare combination of insightful mentor and successful entrepreneur, growing her own business while helping others build theirs. If you’re looking for a Tempo Mentor to support your growth, I recommend Paulina!

Roger Hamilton

Roger Hamilton

Futurist & Social Entrepreneur

Paulina is simply amazing. She’s warm and generous with the ability to look at your business with a razor sharp eye that sees solutions that others would miss. Her reliability and organisation skills, as well as her down to earth, no-nonsense approach would get any business up and running.

Elaine Davies

Elaine Davies

Owner of New Road Property & founder of the Financially Fearless Movement

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In business, it’s vital to step back to see the bigger picture – and that’s exactly what you can expect when we work together. So whether you’re looking to take the next step in growing your business, or you simply need a fresh set of eyes to make some difficult financial decisions, let’s have a chat.

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